Borough Market on a budget

Not long ago I told you all about a great little place to eat in Borough Market, but I never told you how amazing Borough Market itself can be.  So this weekend my other half and I thought we’d do one of our market jaunts.  This involves setting a budget and spending it all on whatever we fancy.

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Hat from Spitalfields Market, Checked shirt from Miss Selfridge, Faux fur gilet from ASOS

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The budget on Saturday was £25.00.  For that we wanted to make dinner and have some bits to nibble while watching films at home.

I absolutely love Borough Market, there are picture opportunities all over the place…

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(The old schedule of rents for stalls inside Borough Market)

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…and all the stalls have little tasters for you to try.  Even if you had no money you could in theory go from stall to stall trying all the fresh foods and local made produce and feel like you’d had a very productive day!  The best thing is they pretty much have everything in the market.

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You can do as we did and set up a budget to buy goodies to bring home, or you can buy the ready-made food there and eat til your heart’s content.  And where there’s food there are drinks to be had as well.  Borough market caters for everyone, from the health conscious to the unhealthy.  I had to use all my will power to not get sucked into buying the amazing cakes and biscuits or try the cider (it’s been 8 months and I’m still looking at drinks longingly).

First up we bought two avocadoes and then found a stall selling a large varieties of mushrooms.  This inspired our whole meal which we decided then and there was to be a form of mushroom spaghetti as we had some spaghetti in the cupboards at home.

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So we chose three different types of mushrooms, bagged them up and paid for them.

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On the stall were also some gorgeous truffles.  I did as was told and lifted the lid and inhaled the gorgeous truffles.

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The smell was so truffle-y and strong.  It made me hungry.  It did remind me however that we had truffle butter at home in the fridge so we could add that to the pasta mix too.  So far so good.

We then had a little wander around, stopping off at different stalls.  We got sucked towards The Potted Game Company which was selling award-winning produce.

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We had a good taste of the products on sale and we both agreed we couldn’t live without buying the potted wild boar.

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It had absolutely nothing to do with our going to be dinner creation but it was so yummy.

Not much further on from there I spotted this beauty…

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I know  cured meats and pregnancy don’t mix at all, and I forced myself to resist trying a bit.  But I couldn’t resist purchasing some for the pasta dish.  MrLondonMum would add uncooked pieces to his mushroom spaghetti and I would fry mine up to a crisp to add to my spaghetti.  Bonus!

Just around that corner we came to a tea stand and tried different teas (I’m on the look out for raspberry leaf tea to supposedly help with the impending labour).  There was no raspberry leaf tea but instead first and second generation oolong tea leaves for sale.  The first generation had a weaker taste to it and the second generation had a much stronger taste.  Both were delicious but out of our price range for our budget, so instead we just got a chai tea from the stand to share.  Nice and hot and steaming.  Gorgeous.  An added bonus was the fact they put a little bit of ginger in the bottom of the cup which really enhances the flavour.

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We were at this point going slightly off track and losing our focus by being drawn towards stands that weren’t going to contribute towards our dinner.  So we put our minds back to where we needed them and assessed what we already had.  Next up it was essential to buy some good bread for the potted wild boar.

That was easy to find.

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And with the bread we figured we’d have to buy some cheese.  We picked two cheese from Alsop and Walker, my favourite was a pasteurised soft cheese called Lord London and MrLondonMum’s favourite a gold award winning hard cheese called Mayfield.

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Now look at the gooey centre…

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We got a great deal on the purchase of those cheeses.  Both pieces we paid £5.00 for instead of the sale price of much more than that.  So bargaining can be done at Borough Market!

Last on the list was some cream to add to our spaghetti dish.  I must be honest here, there weren’t many milk/cream stalls that we stumbled upon in Borough Market.  So when we came across one eventually we were really tied in to whatever they had on offer.  The stall was from a company called Hook and Son.  They only had raw cream, so it was unpasteurised.  The man behind the stall did say however that their cream is tested weekly for Listeria and other pathogens which is the essential reason for pasteurisation for pregnant women.  He also promised that the cream would be life changing.

The fact is was unpasteurised didn’t bother me too much as I knew it would be used for cooking with so the heat would kill off any bacteria.  But for £4.50 and the end of our budget the cream had better live up to the expectations we were sold.

I must admit it really was life changing cream, it’s thicker then a single or a double cream.  It’s much more like a clotted cream.  But it was like silk.  When it was mixed into the spaghetti the spaghetti strands were coated in a gorgeous velvety texture.  It was worth the end of our budget.

After collecting all our goodies we left to go and enjoy them all at home.

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A nice lazy foodie weekend treat!



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