Bleeding, Growth Scans and Possible Early Delivery| 29 Weeks

After my rant about being ‘lazy’ in pregnancy, I proceeded to wake up the next morning and discovered I’d had a small bleed.  Being 26 weeks pregnant at the time and bleeding, even if it is only a small amount, is always cause for concern.  It can signal impending labour, fetal distress and goodness knows what else.  So I did the dutiful thing and packed myself and the toddler into the car and headed to the hospital to be monitored (whilst crying all the way there).

They did the usual checks on me including listening into the baby’s heart beat which was completely fine.  But just to make sure I wasn’t going into labour early they wanted to check if my cervix was still closed.  So they asked if I minded having a speculum examination.

Having endured many smear tests now and a colposcopy, I of course didn’t hesitate to agree to a speculum examination.  They just don’t bother me at all.  Uncomfortable yes, painful no.

But I can not explain to you the excruciating pain of this speculum examination.  I’m not a scene maker or a screamer at all.  In labour with my first I was deathly silent during contractions brought on by the hormone drip.  But the insertion of the speculum was just beyond my pain threshold to not scream out, and of course with a toddler in the room I was trying my hardest to just breathe through it as I didn’t want to scare him.  But I couldn’t.

The doctor and the midwife could see my distress and it really surprised them.  To be fair it surprised me too.  And I can’t fault the doctor, he wasn’t doing anything unusual.

They told me to grip the side of the bed as opposed to the doctor’s hand (!) because due to the pain something was obviously going on.  I knew they just needed to have a look and gritted my teeth- although I was so close to demanding gas and air.  Once he managed to get it in I was just screaming at him to take it out with literal tears in my eyes.  He managed a quick look at my cervix which was closed and took a swab to see if anything came up.

I was literally in shock from the pain.  The midwife brought me some water and after a while the pain disappeared and everything was fine again.  The doctor told me when there is bleeding but no reason for it, it is often called a threatened miscarriage.  Not really something a woman wants to hear.  Although he did say it sounds far worse than the reality, it’s just there’s no real terminology to describe unexplained bleeding.

A day later I got a call from the hospital telling me they had some ‘bad news.’

I had thrush.

For me that was the best news to be honest.  Not nice granted, but nothing harmful.  And of course easily treatable.  Being diabetic in this pregnancy means thrush is more common.  So a simple pessary and that was the end of that.

It did surprise me that I had thrush, because as every woman knows thrush isn’t something you tend to have without realising it.  But hand on heart I didn’t have any kind of itching which would have signalled a thrush infection.

I’m now 29 weeks pregnant.  And the scale of my care has gone up massively since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Last week alone I had three appointments at the various practices compared to just one for a low risk pregnancy at this stage in pregnancy.  I saw my usual midwife, who measured me being three weeks ahead in terms of bump size (she also took my bloods).  I went in to see my diabetes team and my diabetic consultant who again said I was measuring big and finally I got a scan to measure the baby and the fluid around her and to make sure the placenta isn’t failing.

Irrelevant of my diet changes and keeping my sugar levels low, if the baby measures big I’ll need to be put on medication to control her growth for fear she’ll end up too big.  And of course if there is too much water surrounding her that also poses a problem and signals the need for early delivery.  At the moment I’m looking at delivery around 38-39 weeks.  Meaning I’m 10 weeks away from meeting this little girl of mine.

The growth scan luckily came back really good, she’s currently 2lbs and 8 oz at their estimation and measuring perfectly on the growth line and everything else looks good.

Of course I’ll have these on going checks now until the end just to make sure nothing changes, and if anything does they can take immediate action as needed.  Now I’m in my third trimester I’m ready to slow down and just relax a bit more.  But with all these checks and appointments it doesn’t seem like that’ll be the case until she’s here.

Items for baby:

Tomy very kindly sent this Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Gym for our impending arrival.

If you’ve had a baby before you’ll know these play mats are vital for helping babies learn all about coordination and they also help to develop their sensory abilities.  The black and white colours will certainly be beneficial from newborn as a baby slowly learns to see in colour over the months, thereby making the play mat usable for quite an extensive time.

There is also a little soft pillow which will help to encourage comfortable tummy time, and also act as a support when the baby learns to sit.  Plus there’s a teether… that’ll become essential when my sanity wears thin and teething starts!  Every little helps!

After finding out we were expecting a girl, I couldn’t help but head to Boden who do the cutest little outfits for girls.

I picked up this dress and cardigan in preparation for our summer holiday in France.  I absolutely love the items.

Mr London Mum popped into Joules where they have an amazing sale on at the moment, and he picked up these gorgeous little leggings that I adore.

It’s certainly worth popping in to a store near you if you need to buy anything, these leggings cost around £5.00.

Although my little one won’t be here by Easter (in theory but you never know with complications), Monsoon sent us this gorgeous Easter themed bunny outfit which will be perfect for any season.

The material is lovely, cosy and soft and I just love how comfortable the outfit looks.  She’ll look adorable in it.

I can’t wait to share pictures of her in all these outfits.  And if she comes out a boy because they read the gender wrong he’ll be wearing all these items too 😉



    • Certainly 🙂 I’m getting the hang of the GD issue now and feeling much better for it. SO hopefully the rest of this pregnancy will just cruise through nicely.

  1. Oh no you have been through it, I had gestational diabetes and ended up on insulin, the good thing with this is the extra care and weekly/two weekly scans. I was induced 3 days early so she was nearly full term

    • That is the thing isn’t it, although it’s not nice having a high risk pregnancy you do feel more secure throughout with all those extra checks.

  2. So glad it ended up OK – I remember having the internal when I had reduced movement, my husband said I didn’t hold his hand that tightly in labour. Love the cute girls clothes too – especially the boden frock and cardi!

    • Isn’t the boden outfit adorable… she’ll have to grow into it as it’s 3-6 months but can’t wait until she can wear it!

    • Same, the rest of the pregnancy minus the hiccups have been great compared to my first. I don’t suffer with the aches/pains and heart burn I did first time around so feel so much fitter and getting much better sleep.

    • I know right! Probably the only time I’ve been thrilled to have thrush! lol

  3. What a terrifying experience but great that you went to get checked out. It’s so important that you get monitored until the birth now but at least you know what signs to look for

    • Luckily there’s no chance of me not being monitored, but I’d rather that then not be monitored and something go wrong without me realising it. 🙂

  4. That must have been such a scary situation! So glad that all is well apart from the thrush, and hope that everything continues to go well x

    • I’m hoping that’s the end of any panicking other than the diabetes control until the end. x

  5. Good Lordie – all I can say is that we both honestly feel for you LondonMum & that, “We are with you!!’ & that the B+WC’s currently working on (copyrighted to you) LONDONMUMS ALBUM (that’ll need your P.R.S. broadcastable “O” clearance for something shortly) that, when finished, you’ll be able to listen to – cum May & think – ‘every single tiny microscopic body cell of hers was worth all my anxiety & upset & ‘what I had to go through.’ – “We’re with you !!!!” Onwards, upwards & ‘outwards’ LondonMum.

    • Strangely this pregnancy is still easier than it was with Little London but it’s full of much more medical issues. Not long though.. just need to get my head around the birth part in the coming weeks. You know what a wimp I am! lol

      • A wimp?? … A W-I-M-P??? NO NO NO LondonMum – & DON’T ARGUE haha! What you’ve experienced so far & are currently having to courageously endure (not to mention looking after LittleLondon to boot) Lucy & I think you should be awarded 1 of life’s purest gold medals in recognition of your ‘above-n-beyond’ in the duty of preparing for your little LondonPrincess’s regal arrival – just like her Mum! – who, btw is glowing & sparkling – & don’t argue ha! C’mon LondonMum – nearly there! You’re almost on the daily ‘Advent Calendar’ countdown opening routine now (I’ll have the chocolates though) – & we all know what the end result is – A BEAUT BONZA BABY …. YYIIPPIIEE!! Positively onwards, upwards & outwards. (B+WC now working on track 3.)

        • Not the daily count down for a while, but I’ll take the single figure weeks left 😉

  6. I was reading this with gritted teeth! poor you!!! It is such a hard time and anything like this is added stress and pressure! Stay strong and calm and it will all be well I am sure x

    • I wish I could relax and enjoy pregnancy like some women do. I need the ability to see inside my womb with a window or something to just feel confident though lol.

  7. Oh no, that sounds like a huge ordeal! I’m glad you’re doing better and everything is OK with the baby, here’s hoping the next 10 weeks fly by.

    • That’s the thing I’ll take everything as long as I get to the end and I’ve carried her as safely as possible.

  8. Oh lovely. I’m sorry you had to go through that scare, and that pain. How awful. I’m glad it was just thrush! I bet you were glad too! I’m pleased you and your little one are doing ok xxx

  9. A friend of mine recently had a baby so she might find this post helpful. Oh and her sister is pregnant so she also will find this useful. xx

  10. I’m glad you and the baby are all okay, Best wishes with the rest of the pregnancy. Not long until she is here! xo

  11. Oh goodness, that sounds horrible. The term ‘threatened miscarriage’ sounds pretty traumatic too. Hope the rest of this pregnancy is a little easier for you lovely xxxx

    • Awful terminology, but I guess it’s what they use. Didn’t give me much security though heading home!

  12. What an awful time for you, I’d have been just the same, panicking that something really bad is happening! Thank god its only thrush sorry to hear of the pain you was in during the examination!

    • It’s hard not to panic, but yes thankfully it wasn’t anything serious.

  13. I’m so sorry about the pain you experienced during the check-up. It sounds excruciating! I’m glad it’s only thrush and not something more serious.

    • I never knew thrush could cause internal bleeding, but so happy that was all it was 🙂

  14. Ohhh that sounds such an uncomfortable experience bless you! Glad it was nothing serious, hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly for you

  15. Unlined what a week! So god everything is ok although not the pain part! Make sure to take it easy x

  16. Love this bits you got and yes a play mat is a must have. Our one was used by the two.
    Thank god the bleeding was nothing in the end.

    • It’s essential isn’t it? At least this time around I know what actually is essential and what isn’t 😉

  17. Glad everything was ok and that you can look forward to getting those pictures of your little one in her new clothes! Can’t wait to see them 😀

  18. Aw so sorry to hear about how much pain you were in but thank god it was Thush, not that thrush is pleasant but far better than what you were thinking xxx

    • Exactly! Best diagnosis I could have gotten, so I was really happy with that lol 🙂

  19. This examination sounds really scary. Sorry you had to go through this pain, but happy for you that you have the smallest worry, which easily treatable.
    I just ready about gestational diabetes last week. Glad you’re aware of it and controlling your sugar levels.
    I like the baby first things you’ve bought. I haven’t started shopping yet, but I’m planning to next month.

    • We’re getting things in slowly- probably far too slowly, but what we don’t have we’ll panic buy by the end 😉

    • I think any bleeding when you don’t understand the cause is one of the worst things in an otherwise healthy pregnancy. It’s horrible. But so glad it was nothing serious 🙂

  20. Bless you lovely. What a horrible experience. You poor thing. Glad is all sorted and treatable though. How gorgeous are the outfits you have picked up for baby. Especially the pink on at the end my favourite. xx

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