Bleeding, cramping, start of miscarriage?| 4 Weeks and 6 Days

Today I woke up still experiencing cramps, and after my morning visit to the bathroom I found there was a bit more bleeding that had obviously occurred.  In the previous days this bleeding has been pink in colour, today it was older blood but there was more of it.  I should have been relieved that at least it wasn’t red blood, but it still made me anxious.


At one point while stirring Little London’s porridge to cool it down I was almost doubled in pain, using my hand to try and stem the discomfort that was shooting up the right side of my abdomen.

To put my mind at ease I thought I’d phone up the doctors surgery to see if there’s anything I should be doing or if it was cause for concern.

I’ve read a lot online that says this can all be very normal in early pregnancy, but having not had these symptoms when I was pregnant with Little London I suppose I felt a bit insecure.

I managed to get an appointment and set about getting myself ready to see the doctor.

Being so early on in pregnancy it’s hard to do anything, but the doctor was very much telling me that there’s nothing I can do or have done that may cause this baby to not take.  She was very matter of fact.  “Sometimes these things happen.”

In the same breath she went on to say many women do experience this and go on to have healthy babies.  So she obviously couldn’t say either way what was happening either.  But I have been booked in for an early pregnancy scan next week making me 6 weeks- the earliest something might show on an internal scan.

If anything should happen between now and then she’s told me to head straight to a&e because if I do miscarry they need to make sure everything is out of my body.




  1. I’m so glad you’re ok though Donna. I wasn’t so lucky and lost my baby at 9.5 weeks after spotting and bleeding. I was told it was normal but knew something wasn’t right. I was upset that the hospital couldn’t scan me on Sunday as the department was closed so I had an awful night waiting. I wish more scans were available to women throughout pregnancy on the NHS.

    • I’m so so sorry for your loss. And 9.5 weeks is quite far, so it must have been so shocking for you to hear. It’s just such a worry isn’t it. I know they say bleeding can be normal, and I’d accept a small amount around the time of implantation. But other than that is does worry me. It’s horrible you had to wait to get your scan. That must have been a awful night. Where we’ve moved to now I’m quite lucky because I can self refer myself to the hospital for a scan and they’re quite prompt at getting you seen.

      • I raised my concerns with the midwife the day after the bleeding started during a home visit and she told me it was normal and it could be implantation bleeding – I was 8 weeks gone so I’d ruled that out. 2 days later I’d collapsed and was rushed to hospital with intense pain so they couldn’t do the internal scan and nothing showed up on an external scan they gambled to operate, it was an ectopic pregnancy. If I’d left it, I would of died as my tube was close to rupturing. It’s scary and when you’re told it’s normal – what else can you do but carry on and monitor.
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        • You’re so lucky you went to a hospital where they thought to operate, it could have ended so differently. I’ve known a few women go through ectopic pregnancies which does make me wonder why they don’t do scans earlier to make sure the baby is in the right place.

          • I agree. It would be ideal that way because regardless they’d see something instead of waiting until it’s to the point of rupturing and death. They removed my damaged tube and future pregnancies I’ve been given suggested procedures to follow.
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          • Exactly, ectopic pregnancies always see to get to the point of near death before it’s diagnosed and that’s just not really on. How terrifying for anyone including you for that to happen. Good luck with any future pregnancies when you’re ready for them. xx

  2. I hope all is okay. I must admit I was one of those people who never had any cramping or anything, but i’ve heard stories of women just thinking they were on their period but actually they were pregnant and it was early signs. So its not always a bad thing that its happening. x

    • Definitely, google being my best friend now has loads of positive stories on the one hand and then stories of loss not he other hand. I think it’s literally just pot luck sometimes which category you end up in because it’s out of our control really. I’m not great at being pregnant, I feel everything, but the one bonus is not having periods- although this time around it’s not quite the case!

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve had a bit of pain etc, really hope that things are alright now (assuming this was a little while ago). Rubbish that the doctor was so blase about the whole thing when you needed a bit more positivity or at least some support! xx
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    • It’s been touch and go really, I’m further along now, just over 10 weeks but these past few weeks have been really up and down. x

  4. This is so sad, but I put you in prayers for your pregnancy for there’s no situation God can’t turn around. It could really be tough just hang in there. Remember there’s always a sliver lining in every dark cloud. Take care.

  5. It’s so scary when pregnant with Abi at 6 weeks I literally gushed with blood one morning when i got out of bed, straight to hospital preparing for the worst only to find a little heart beat still there. I then had bleeding literally through the whole of my pregnancy, taken in at 6 months given steroid injection as they thought she would come early, then the little monkey decided to come 5 weeks early, perfect healthy little bubba with a great labour! Pregnancies are bloody stressful!! xxx

    • It’s the one time you don’t want stress, but inevitably it leaves you stressed so you can’t help it. Isn’t it funny how that much blood can come out but the baby is fine. It’s so strange how our bodies work.

  6. Just got back from battling with Bach yet again … to discover your courageous post LondonMum! – for once, I’d better be careful what I say. I can’t believe what I’ve just read. ‘Struuuuth LondonMum,’ in my opinion, you certainly don’t deserve any of this painful anxiety. Please PLEASE P-L-E-A-S-E stay positive!!! ‘L’ & I (& the B+WC) send you our very very best thoughts, wishes, love & support from Dorset !!!! Best I don’t say anymore really – you know me, I’ll say totally the wrong thing in totally the wrong way – as usual (if I haven’t already)… but I know ‘L’ will be equally anxious for you later … so expect an “O” I guess. (Hey, LittleLondon – look after your Mum eh.) Courageously Onwards LondonMum! … WE ARE WITH YOU!!!!!!

    • You always say the wrong thing which is usually what helps hahah. Although this has to be the first time you haven’t! Meaning I can’t yell at you or laugh at you! haha That’s a first!

  7. Good God LondonMum …Well, you could knock me over with a LittleLondon second hand nappy! I’ve never had that said to me before haha … ‘L’ won’t believe that!! Normally being PC serious you know isn’t really me be – but, sorry LondonMum, until we know YOU ARE OK & ‘ALL IS WELL’ – it is at the mo! After that, normal service’ll be resumed & you can yell, laugh, belch & scream at me all you like haha!! Gotta say tho’ … the thought of you not yelling at me I’d think I’d gone deaf!!!! We’ll swap – you conquer Bach & I’ll have a ba..! Oh, ‘ang on, what am I saying? To quote ‘somebody’ … “Have I taught you nothing?” ha. Here’s another first … “Do as you’re told & look after yourself” haha. Gotta go … gig in 60. Onwards LondonMum.

  8. I bled terrible with my only successful pregnancy and it’s always such a worry. Glad everything is ok though and hope things settle down a bit for you. Jo x

    • That does give me some comfort actually. But it’s so worrying at the time. Glad it was successful for you x

  9. Oh gosh, how worrying. I have had two children and both times i had the exact same as you are describing and went on to have both girls. I was having pinkish blood and was in immense pain that made me cry because it hurt that much. I was doubled over and had it up one side. Both times i had the early scan and they couldn’t tell me what was causing the pains or bleeding but just a little ray of hope for you maybe x
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    • Sounds like mine, when I did go in they couldn’t tell me the reason for the bleeding which in a way is worse, if you know where it’s from it’s easier to accept and stop worrying. Thank you though, it definitely helps to know of people that went on to have successful pregnancies after this happened to them too.

    • It’s just horrible when you notice it because you know it’s just not meant to happen.

    • So far so good thankfully, just gotta stay int here nice and healthy until exit time.

    • Yes luckily I am further on, things have been a bit touch a go but hoping it’ll all sort itself out.

    • It’s the not knowing that’s the worst and not being able to control your body. It’s a difficult time I think for nay woman that experiences blood loss in pregnancy.

    • 6 babies! Wow mama, you have my admiration! I hope it just continues and is fine, it’s just worrying especially because I really didn’t expect it.

  10. Lots of prayers your way!
    This happened with me when I was about 9 weeks pregnant. I had horrible cramps but less spotting. Delivered a healthy baby full term. He’s three this month!
    A family gynaecologist told me that many women go through the same thing. There is no particular reason why that happens. I agree with you. its hard not knowing what to expect and not being able to control!
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    • My little one is three next month 🙂 Glad to hear you pregnancy went well. Sometimes I wish they could just explain the reason for the pain or bleeding.. the not knowing can be so much worse.

  11. Fingers crossed that it’s just a ‘normal’ early pregnancy bleed. You can have a small period in the early stages of pregnancy. If you’re worried I would phone up the early pregnancy unit at your nearest hospital and have a chat with them. xxx

    • I’m lucky that I have direct access to the EPU now, so I can self refer whenever I need to.

    • It’s just a worrying time isn’t it. I’ll be happier I think when I can start to feel the baby.

    • Thank you, things have been a bit more positive but I’m still not completely 100%

  12. I’m glad to see from your other posts that this subsided. Early pregnancy is a very scary time. I hope you can relax soon.

  13. Oh Donna. It’s so tough. I recently suffered an early miscarriage it was so upsetting and I found that all the doctors were so blase about the whole thing too. So hope things have settled down for you now and things are progressing as they should be. Big hugs xxxx
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    • SO sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Doctors really are blasé, you just become a medical statistic. I needed her to be like that with me in a way though, but I also wanted the reassurance that I don’t think she could offer me. Things have settled a bit since then but i’m currently at 11 weeks and have had to go in for more scans since.

  14. Oh it is so so stressful I really feel for you. I had this with my first pregnancy (after 2 miscarriages) and everything was fine, so I hope it’s the same for you. It went on until week 20, so the anxiety was high. On the plus side, it did mean that I had a scan every couple of weeks, which was reassuring. See if you can get a direct line to the EPU once you know that everything is ok.
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    • Luckily now I do have a direct line to the EPU and can just self refer which makes things much easier than going tot he GP first. I’ve read from a few people they had similar issues but went on to have healthy babies, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  15. such a terrifying and anxious experience. i hope everything will be ok! my friend went through this exact same situation but it was all fine and dandy in the end.

    • That’s the great thing, Ive heard from a lot of women who’ve had similar situations and for theme’s been fine. I’m hoping I stay in that statistic 🙂

  16. I experienced exactly the same thing with my pregnancy with Baby L. To the point where I almost didn’t bother testing because I thought I’d had my period!! It’s weird how our bodies work! Glad everything is ok and CAN’T wait to meet Baby London no 2 ?????? Lots of love xx
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