Baby London is 5 Months Old

On Thursday Baby London officially turned 5 months old.


While I’m still coming to terms with the change in circumstance which involves overly planning everything if I want to do something (I’m not sure I’ll ever fully get to the point where life was ever as easy as it was previously) I think we’ve hit the stage where a baby is at his/her cutest, they’re just so playful 🙂

Baby London is fully aware of his surroundings now, and is always trying to grab and put things into his mouth.  He’s exploring the world and it’s just so sweet to see.  If you watched my vlog from this post you’ll see him discover grass for the first time and just attempt to grab at it, repeatedly squishing his chubby fingers through the grass blades.

Every day he seems to learn something new, or else to tries to perfect something he’s learnt.  Going back to my parents house meant he was with his cousin for a week, his cousin is currently full on dribbling (due to teething) and makes these little noises with his lips.  Baby London decided to copy the sounds and the dribbling and currently does this 24/7…

Very cute, but somewhat embarrassing if we’re out and our cheeky chap just continues to blow raspberries.  We haven’t helped really because he loves it even more if someone makes the same noise back at him.  He also sticks out his tongue when he’s in a playful mood and wants to see it being done in return.

In terms of sleep this month has been a mixed bag.  He used to sleep from 8pm-6am/7am without waking.  That changed and he suddenly started waking up at 4am for a feed.  I know sleep regression is quite typical, so I wasn’t worried.  This week though has been a huge turning point.  Firstly his naps in the days are longer, but instead of three he might have two.  Because of this by the time it’s 7pm he’s exhausted and wants to go to bed.  Due to this extreme tiredness and less naps he seems to be sleeping the full 12 hours!  I actually woke up before him this morning which is the first time EVER since the day he was born!  Long may that continue 😉

He’s also decided he prefers to sleep on his side.


One of the reasons I think his sleep has really improved is because he’s getting a bit of food now.  Not much food just yet, but I’m trying to make food a regular pattern.

To begin with I introduced him to the spoon and practiced feeding him without any food just so he understood what it was.  I then tried him on a bit of baby rice in the mornings for about a week.  The amount I gave him increased as the days went by and I was satisfied he could handle more.  Once I was confident with his morning feeds I decided to give him some evening feeds too as ‘dinner.’  From yesterday I changed his evening baby rice to vegetables and rice, and from this morning he had his first taste of creamy porridge.  I’m going to attempt a bit of lunch today with him.

I’m trying to keep food to a timed schedule, so 8am for food (he has his bottle first), 1pm for lunch and 6pm for dinner (these times might change depending on his nap times in the future).  I haven’t reduced any of his bottle feeds as he seems to still want them, so he still drinks 5 bottles of 8oz, although he does graze on his bottles.  He won’t necessarily drink a full 8oz in one go.

I’ve ordered a Beaba (as recommended by Lucie) this week so I’ll be making him food as soon as that arrives and mixing the purees with some baby rice.

(Below is a video which involves his favourite things, jumperoo, food and blowing raspberries.)

In terms of toys his jumperoo is invaluable.  I’ve seen they have a new one out so that’s top of the wishlist for toys! He loves his jumperoo so much that he jumps on everyone even when he’s not in it.  (I took him for his last set of injections this month and the whole time in the waiting room he was jumping up and down on my legs… all the other babies were serenely sat on their Mum’s *smacks forehead*).  The boy has coordination though!

After learning to roll over when he was 4 months, he decided to quit for a while but he’s back to rolling over especially in his cot.  I have to frequently go in and rescue him when he rolls and sticks his various limbs through the bars.  I know cot bumpers are seen as hazardous but I think we may need to get some unless anyone has any tips?


And just to end off this post, this is the cutest video ever! Enjoy 😉




  1. Aww happy 5 months! He’s so darn cute. It’s amazing when you wake up before them!
    I’ve seen bumper type things that go the whole way round the cot at baby shows, to save those escaping limbs. X

    • I might have to get some. Even during the night last night I was up rolling him back to a comfortable position. He may not wake through the night anymore but I do!!! Argghhh xx

  2. Aww my little Baby L is 5 months old too and sounds so similar to Baby London. It is amazing watching them change everyday isn’t it? But where has the time gone?!

    • I know! I’m actually a little taken back this month at how old he’s getting. I can’t believe he’ll have been here for half a year next month! x

  3. My baby just turned 4 months old and your post has made me very excited for 5 months! There are breathable mesh bumpers available that aren’t hazardous for babies – maybe you could get one of those?

    • Hi Kirti,

      That sounds exactly what I’m looking for!! Yippppee! Off to search for them now 😉



    • I know! So cute, but I wasn’t slightly embarrassed at the Doctors with all the other chilled out babies! hahaha x

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