Baby Gender Prediction| 20 Weeks

Today I am officially 20 weeks pregnant.  That means I’m half way there.  And my god it feels like its gone quick!


I decided not to do weekly updates as I thought it would be nicer to document this pregnancy as and when I felt the need to write, which is probably why this pregnancy seems to be going quicker.  I’ve not got that weekly reminder to make sure I’ve written something appropriate or to pay close attention to symptoms.

With Mr London Mum working abroad for 8 weeks that also made the pregnancy go by quicker, I didn’t have time to stop and think about the growing baby.  Instead I was managing home life and a toddler by myself.  All while trying to prepare for Christmas and our son’s 3rd Birthday- which I’ll no doubt talk about at some point!

Luckily Mr London Mum didn’t miss out on either, he got home on the 18th December, but pretty much from that point forward everything was just go, go, go.

And this is the first time I’ve had the chance to get on my laptop.  So I apologise for the huge silence.

Being half way there, I’m due my final scan shortly which will hopefully tell me the gender of the baby.  So it’s quite a momentous occasion in the pregnancy diary. In fact we find out in two days, but depending on whether or not I can keep the news to myself you may have to wait until our gender reveal.

All along Little London has been adamant it’s a girl.  He refers to the bump as ‘baby sister.’  And up until my second trimester I thought I was having a boy.  A lot of my symptoms in the first trimester were very similar to my pregnancy with Little London.  Just full on nausea but no actual sickness.  I was also very bloated so I felt like I was going to carry big again.  For me those were indicators that I was expecting another boy.

However I’m starting to think that maybe my son could have some crazy psychic powers.  Because everything changed in the second trimester.  The nausea turned to physically being sick.

In a way it was quite frustrating because the second trimester is meant to be the best part of pregnancy, when you feel at your best.  Not me.


I wake up in the morning and have to really make sure I’m eating something the baby wants.  Turns out eggs are off the menu, cereal is off the menu, hot drinks are off the menu… in fact you name it the baby probably has an aversion to it.

To try and prevent being sick I have to just start my day really slowly.  Sparkling water helps to settle my stomach and a little something light and plain to eat takes away that gnawing hunger that will also make me sick unless I get rid of it.  I then have to lie down on the sofa for a while and possibly take a nap to make sure I’m feeling settled before the day starts.  If I try and rush the morning it’s inevitable I’ll be sick.

And when I am sick it comes in threes.  By the time I’ve been sick the third time that’s the end and I can get on with my day.

So based upon feeling sick I’m starting to think it may be a girl.


That and the fact that my bump is so much smaller than it was with Little London at this point.  I remember at my 20 weeks scan with my son that I told the woman doing my ultrasound that I didn’t feel I could get bigger because I already felt at maximum capacity with him.  With this bump I literally just look like I’ve had a large carb fuelled dinner.  And the baby is very low down.  It seems to just hang out around my c section scar.  In some clothing I don’t think you’d even realise I was pregnant.

However, irrelevant of size I’m starting to feel the pressure in terms of activity.  I’m starting to get breathless and certainly haven’t got the energy of a non pregnant lady.  The small bump makes it seem like I should be able to do everything still.  That’s totally not the case.

In terms of movements I’m wondering if I have an anterior placenta which prevents feeling the baby kick until quite late.  I can’t refer back to when I had Little London because I can’t remember when I first felt him kick, but with this baby I think I first felt some movement at 19 weeks.  Being my second baby I thought I would have felt movements much earlier.  Even now I’m not getting consistent kicking feelings, and I have to lie really still for a long time and keep my fingers crossed if I hope to feel the baby.


The size of my bump and the lack of feeling has got me concerned of course, I think that’s just part of pregnancy.  You’ll worry about everything that isn’t ‘normal’ to you.  So I’m hoping my scan goes well and that the baby is perfectly healthy and that I’m just carrying differently.  The placenta position isn’t too much of a problem for me yet, because I still haven’t decided on whether I want an elective caesarean or if I want to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after a caesarean).

Items for baby:

Joolz have sent us this lovely unisex cream blanket for when the baby arrives which I’m very excited about.


I bought one for a friend when she was expecting, and it’s her everyday go to blanket for the pram or the car seat.  It’s 100% organic cotton, so should little one have any sensitive skin issues I know I’ve got the best material I could possibly have.

It’s not a small blanket either, it measures 75cm x 100cm, so it’ll cover little one for pretty much the entire time we’ll be needing it.  Whether that’s for the pram, car seat in the winter or for sleeping.  The honey comb pattern adds a beautiful texture to the blanket but the underside that lies against the baby is smooth and soft.


What I like the most however is that there is a little bit of weight to the blanket and if this little one comes out like my son did that might mean wriggling out of blankets constantly, so the added weight should hopefully make little one feel more secure and keep in place.



  1. Before you know it they will be here. Would you like a boy or a girl, or do you not mind either way

    • When I had my son I was slightly upset he was a boy and not a girl- I think we all want what we’re familiar with. This time around because I already have him I’m not bothered. I’d love to have another boy but I’d love to have a girl too. It’s a nice situation to be in actually. x

  2. You have the cutest baby bump! And the blanket looks so soft and warm! I think the baby is a girl!

  3. I’ve heard that pregnancy can be different with your 2nd. I’ve only got one child atm but hoping to have another soon. I remember with my son I had terrible nausea which was worse for me than when I actually we sick as at least I got some relief. Good luck with ur scan.

    • I absolutely hate being sick, but yes once it’s out you feel so much better. The nausea is a killer.

  4. Good luck with your scan, it will be fun to find out if Little London really does have some sort of psychic ability when it comes to predicting the gender of his sibling!

  5. oh congratulations and had to laugh at what is off the menu as I remember that well – I still can not stand the smell of coffee – what a beautiful blanket too

    • More and more is making it off menu- I’m going to start starving soon lol

  6. There are so many different reasons for different “predictions” aren’t there!? I was convinced I was having a boy with Edith as I craved high fat, high salt food. McDonalds was opposite my work and I wanted one EVERY day, every meal. Until then I didn’t really like McDonalds and would often go with the kids and their Dad without eating!

    • I won’t lie I had a slight mcdonald’s moment myself- lucky we aren’t near any because I’m not a fan typically either!

  7. You make pregnancy look so stylish! I think my parents predicted that I was going to be a boy, and even had a name (Matthew) planned. I hope the scan goes well, how exciting to find out!

    • THere’s no style going on today lol, just good old back ache. Still in my pj’s 😉

  8. I had lots of comments on the size of my bump when I was having my twins and it really upset me and made me so paranoid. I needn’t have worried as they ended up being 6lbs and 7lbs1! Look forward to your gender reveal

    • I think since I wrote the post baby has gone through a growth spurt! I’m feeling big now… typical!

  9. ooo if your bump was lower, i would have said it’d be a boy but i do think it’s going to be a girl from the way the bump is. this is exciting!

    • Hahah I’d be worried we’d end up having to choose a name from frozen or blaze and the monster machines lol.

  10. Good luck with your scan! My sister had hers recently but her babies hands were in the way so they couldn’t tell the gender…I’m convinced she is having a boy! That blanket looks super cosy!

    • Oh no! How disappointing for her!! I guess if she wants to find out she’ll have to do it privately now.

    • I think it’ll be hard but we’ve discussed it, and because we’ll know the gender we’ll just make sure to correct him when he talks about the baby and try to perhaps encourage conversations with him about baby brother. eeeekkk!

  11. Second pregnancies always go quicker as you are busy looking after your first child. Will fly by for the rest of the time now

  12. my pregnancies were very different – boy first, girl second. But sounds reverse to yours – had vey little sickness with my daughter. So exciting to find out soon! x

    • Oh really? I’ve always heard girls make you more sick! Guess there’s no truth to any of the old wives tales! lol

  13. Oh wow, sorry to hear you’ve had a tough time with the sickness, hope it gets better for you soon. That blanket is just lovely

    • Hopefully it passes… although I’m not sure it will considering how late it came on! eeek!

  14. I think it’s a girl! I look forward to hearing what the gender is! Either way I think you look fab, but it’s so rubbish about the sickness. I hope it settles as soon as possible

    • As long as I’m lazy and slow in the morning it seems to be ok… I think as long as others can be convinced of that I’ll be fine 😉

    • If I’d done that with my first I would have been so so wrong hahah. I thought he was a girl until the 20 week scan!

  15. “BOO” ha – So pleased a tiny someone’s been ‘growing’ … & a little bulbous somebody else has been ‘glowing’ while L & I’ve been clocking up 1 or 2 miles. Aaha, Gender Prediction? OK … a warrior? – or a princess?? – doesn’t matter really does it ha? – just so long as he or she’ll be a healthy rugby playing musician – likes B+WC’s & Pernod ‘wot?’ – (& The LondonMums ok) … then the world’ll be a ‘born-beaut-bump-licious’ place! So, for now, our ‘wait’ goes on, – & your ‘weight’ goes on. ‘appy scanning!! – don’t forget to s-m-i-l-e – no, not you LondonMum … t’other little beauty haha. Onwards LondonMum.

    • good lord, if its a rugby playing musician with a penchant for pernod I know it’s not mine! hahahah

      • HAHAHAHAHA … well played LondonMum!! … A ‘Hebridean’ “0” awaits (& something else featuring somebody you wouldn’t ~ “be expecting” ~ to hear from ha.) Hope all’s going well. Onwards LondonMum.

  16. I had a surprise with my first which is my daughter I was huge all over, I found out with jack and had a fab pregnancy cute little bump and felt amazing. Then I had the twins other than knowing they would be identical we did t find out the sex I had an horrific pregnancy and felt sick all the way through. Every pregnancy is so different.

    • It really is isn’t it. I guess there’s no way of telling unless you get the confirmation from he sonography and even that’s not fool proof!

  17. OOh, I wonder which of you will be correct?! I was adamant my first pregnancy was a boy (we chose not to find out) and was really surprised (in a wonderful way) when I had a girl.

    • I was adamant my first pregnancy was a girl and it was a boy lol- my rider is way off! haha x

  18. Aww you have such a lovely bump!
    My sister has just found out she is having her first boy 🙂

    Dani x

  19. First of all I just want to say a massive congratulations on your pregnancy. I always love reading posts like these. And secondly I have one of each and I was really sick both times so I can’t offer any pearls of wisdom on gender prediction lol.

    The only real differences I had between pregnancies was that I fancied sweeter treats with Stacey and saltier treats with Oscar. And I had severe migraines and needed more sleep with Oscar. Other than that they were exactly the same!

    Wishing you the very best of luck with the second half of your pregnancy 🙂

    Louise x

    • I didn’t think I’d get sick thinking I had pregnancy down with my first in terms of feeling ill… bleeuurgghh

  20. Oooo I actually know someone who’s adamant their little one is a bit psychic after they predicted the baby gender! There’s a video of her telling her first child on Facebook that they’re going to be having another baby and the girl nonchalantly says ‘I know, it’s my new sister’.

    Maybe your little one is on to something too!

  21. Have to agree with those who mentioned with those who mentioned your bump…really cute, but I am so glad i am done with it…your son might be right 🙂

    • I’m not sure I’m quite done even though I’m expecting, I think another baby maybe lurking before I’m done lol

  22. Something tells me you will have a girl 🙂 When I was pregnant two years ago (second pregnancy) I was pretty sure it would be a girl and I was right. I think you are in the same boat as me 🙂

    Aside from that, no matter what is the gender, the most important is to have a healthy and happy kiddy. Good luck with your pregnancy!

  23. I’m a bit behind you with my second baby so enjoyed reading your blog! It definitely does go a lot quicker second time round when chasing after a toddler. My gender scan is in a few weeks time and i’m convinced i’m having a boy as the symptoms are so different from having a girl. I really hope you are feeling better now 🙂

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