A Christmas Message and a Giveaway

With Christmas around the corner it’s hard not to get excited by the huge roast turkey and all the trimmings that will be sitting on your Christmas themed table.  Mounds of vegetables, piles of potatoes, stacks of Yorkshire puddings… all drowning in good old gravy.  Christmas pudding and the yule log both waiting to make an appearance as well…

But as you push that brussel sprout across your plate in disgust, bear this in mind… 22% of UK parents regularly go without food themselves just to feed their children, while 75% regularly throw food away.

Food poverty and food waste are both very real issues in the UK; which may surprise many people.  With 42% of households struggling to live on their income and 20% of these having to borrow money from family or friends to feed themselves and their children, it is an issue that needs to be made more aware.

Which is why Unilever Project Sunlight have supported Oxfam’s programme to provide 2 million meals to people in need in the UK and have started the #clearaplate campaign.  Through this campaign they have been able to provide an additional 500,000 more meals.

After all the statistics they uncovered alarmed them and made them want to see change.  While many families are struggling, those that live comfortably tend to over buy and throw away uneaten produce, or leftover food frequently.  With 11,500 tonnes of food been binned daily and over half of it still consumable, it’s ‘food’ for thought.


(Baby London is doing his part to support the campaign of course)

So this year and particularly this Christmas try to reconsider your food purchasing habits.  Buy only what you need and what will be eaten.  It’s not about what you can or can’t afford it’s about being aware of your actions and clearing your plate as a symbol of change.


To support this campaign Unilever Project Sunlight would love to see your cleared plates. Just upload a picture of your cleared plate onto social media using the #clearaplate.  This is to help raise awareness of the very real issues we have right here in the UK.  If you want to help in other ways as well visit www.projectsunlight.co.uk to find out more information with even more alarming statistics.  On the website you’ll also have the opportunity to donate meals or find out how to volunteer at your local Oxfam branch.  There are also many tips on how to reduce food waste and loads of clever recipes.

In the Christmas spirit and as another way to further highlight their campaign, Unilever Project Sunlight want to help you make the most of your leftovers and unused food.  So they have a hamper for one of the readers of The London Mum full of handy items to limit food waste.

Hamper 2 - No waste Meal Planner

The hamper is worth £50.00 and will contain:

·         Colourful kitchen whisk

·         Measuring spoons

·         Fridge magnets with imperial/metric conversions

·         Measuring Jug

·         Multicoloured/stacking food containers

·         Reusable cupcake cases,

·         Egg Timer

·         Shopping list/meal planner notebook

·         Window planter with seeds

·         Leftovers Cookbook

All you have to do is enter below.  The competition runs until the 17th of December and is only open to UK residents.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Unilever Project Sunlight and Oxfam believe no child should go to bed hungry.



  1. I’ve recently started writing weekly food plans. I’ve chucked so much less food since doing this as I now will only buy what I need. I check what I have in before writing my shopping list too. Then every Monday I normally make a leftover meal such as a pie with left over chicken etc.

    • Your food pics always make me salivate! I think having food plans definitely works better, It’ll be a new years resolution to make sure we limit our food waste x

  2. I really need to do a food planner and organise myself more, I have said this is my 2015 must do task, great blog by the way

    • Thank you 🙂
      It’s hard with all the other household tasks to keep on top of what goes in and out of the fridge, but I’m also going to try to make a conscious effort to change my habits.

    • I used to be really good with planning meals, but with the move etc it kind of slipped off the radar. Time to get back on it. It saves so much money too! x

  3. I try and start new meals using left over ingredients in the fridge or by checking items with the least amount of in date left to try and reduce wastage.

    • I try to do this but there’s always one item I never remember to cook in time. Must be more stringent 😉 x

  4. Lovlely giveaway! I always love to cook smaller amount of food and freeze the leftovers x

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