A Blogger’s Life: Boden A/W15 Press Day

Boden was one of the first companies to contact me as a blogger outside of the realm of all things babies. If I’m honest, I never really paid them much attention up until that point.  Pre baby I quite liked the experience of spending hours in my favourite high street shops trying on everything and anything before purchasing my must have items at the tills.

Now I have a child I can see the benefit of catalogue perusing and browsing internet pages.  Being able to buy online and try the clothes on in the comfort of my own home means my Son isn’t left screaming blue murder at me, trapped in his pram in a tiny cubicle.  Being able to send back the bits that don’t suit me with a no quibble policy also suits my hectic, busy lifestyle.

So it was with glee that I hop, skipped and jumped over to the Boden A/W15 press day held in trendy Soho- the new London fashion week hub.

The event surpassed my expectations.  I’d been to previous Boden events, but this one was on a grand scale.  There was so much to do, and so much to see that I’m not sure I even managed to see everything that they had planned.  Probably my fault for gossiping with other blogging Mums including; Mamas VIB, Style Me Sunday and Mad Mum of 7.

With delicious traditional English canapes being moved around the room including succulent sausages, mini burgers, and cones of fish and chips (all happily washed down with some fizz) it took all my effort to get my mind into work mode.

But I did, starting with a tarot card reading by Gail Hart of course (who I thought was pretty spot on)! I mean why not indulge in a little spiritualism before sifting the many rails laden with clothes.

After a very positive reading which also had Gail giving me a miniature reading based upon my clothing choice, I started to weave my way around the ‘pop up stores’ each housing a variety of different styles.

I tell you what, something’s been happening back at the Boden offices, because there’s something really refreshing about the upcoming season.  In amongst their traditional, cosy, basic must haves, there are certainly some wow fashion-set pieces.



Mark Herald for example, has commissioned a fabulous print that is glimpsed throughout the whole collection, such as on this beautiful Mini Boden dress:


And if you can get your hands on some of the Boden Icons pieces, you’ll be the envy of every true fashionista.  You can see one of the dresses in my video below, I won’t need to tell you which one it is- you’ll know!

The children’s section is as beautiful and as playful as you’d expect and want.  The designers were keen to encourage outdoor play, and the colour palette is reminiscent of Autumn colours; that beautiful rusty brown, wonderful greens and mustards.  The clothes transported me into the pages of an Enid Blyton but with a modern twist thrown in.




Make sure you keep an eye out for when the A/W15 range hits the Boden online store front!


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