3D Scan| 30 Weeks

Although I’m getting more scans than most women in pregnancy due to the gestational diabetes, it’s not quite the same as being able to see the baby on a 3D scan.

My growth scans pretty much just pick out the vital parts of the baby that need to be measured, so I don’t really get to see much detail.  Just a variety of limbs and body parts that are frozen on the screen to be measured.

And that’s why even though I am getting so many extra scans, I still wanted to get a 3D scan done.

We did one when I was pregnant with Little London, and I loved being able to see the features on his face.  Not that I think his scan looked massively like he did when he was born, but it really helped give me that reality check, that yes there is a baby in there.

So with this little sugar lump, we decided to also book in for a 3D scan.  We just picked a random deal off of group on and booked in a suitable date.

I also wanted confirmation on the gender.  Although we’ve already been told the sex, I just wanted it to be double checked before I continue buying things for a girl and it turns out I’ve been hiding a boy in there all this time instead.  Not that I’d be fussed of course, just for my own peace of mind.

As always Little London came with us when we popped into Window to the womb in Walthamstow.  I lay down on the bed and just like Little London when he was in the womb, this baby was not keen on showing her face.

Even with some jiggling around she was far too comfy to move.  So I was sent off for a walk and a snack to see if I could wake her up and get her to move positions.

Thankfully it worked.

We got to glimpse ‘baby sister’ on the screen, and watched as she put her arms up to shield her face.  Little London was really entranced by the ‘yellow baby sister’ he could see.

And he kept telling us there were creatures in the dark with her inside my tummy.  The imagination of a 3 year old can be somewhat disturbing!

We got some great pictures of her, but what amazed me was just how similar she looks to Little London.

Her 3D scan picture could easily be Little London’s 3D scan picture.  If it wasn’t for the obvious factors, you could mistake them for identical twins at this stage.  The nose, the lips, the face… it’s all just the same.

^^ Little London and Baby Sister side by side. 

Although, she has got less hair than her brother did by this stage.  She has just a tiny amount of fuzz.

And yes we got the gender confirmation that she’s definitely a girl.

It’s silly that sometimes it takes that visual for me to really grasp that there is another baby on the way, but it gets me so excited about meeting that baby and finally seeing it in real life.

Although I’m petrified of the impending birth, I’m also so excited to get my first real glimpse of her now.

Items for baby:

We bought a few more clothes pieces this week.

Both the cardigan and the romper are from Boden.  They’re sold separately but think they look so cute together and the pattern will work so well this summer.  I love the floral design on the romper and the little yellow duck on the cardigan is just too cute.  Does anyone else get jealous of how comfy baby clothes are?

The other little bits we purchased were from the Joules sale.

Although it’ll be a while before she’ll need mittens these little bear cub patterned ones are adorable, and the penguin top will fit her towards the winter season as well so it’ll be fitting.

This sale item has a llama on it.  Enough said!



  1. I had a lot more scans due to gestational diabetes, they didn’t have 3d scans when I was pregnant, but I am always amazed by them at just how much detail you can see. I am loving your little outfits x

  2. Aww I wish this was available years ago when I was pregnant. It just becomes so real when you see the 3D scans. So peaceful

    • They become proper little humans I think, before then you only see the in 2d, and it’s hard to imagine them as ‘real.’

  3. this is so amazing. Our hospital did’t do it when i had my two. I hope they do it now (if I do have another)!

    • 3D or 4D you do have to pay extra for, but with group on and other similar sites you can get such good deals now.

  4. I love seeing 3D scans. I only had the 1 scan when I was pregnant and did find out I was having a girl but the panic that they might be wrong was very real every time I bought something pink!

    • That’s what I was getting lol… I kept wondering if they’d made a mistake because it does happen!

    • I know, Id isn’t think they would be so similar! We must have a strong mix of genes! lol

  5. WOW!! Hahaha … sorry LondonMum we just had to laugh. Sounds like LittleLondonPrincess is like her Mum already … extremely photogenic – & SHY haha. C’mon LondonMum – try not to be too petrified (easy to say from down ‘ere I know) – be P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E!!! – YOU’RE GOING TO BE SO SO PROUD! We’re with you! Hope you won’t mind – check your “O” when you’ve a mo – I need your clearance / permission for something. Onwards, upwards & outwards LondonMum. Llamas & B+WC’s rule eh?

      • HAHAHA – WELL PLAYED LONDONMUM … bit late to change your mind now though. B+WC’s now a 9 y/o grand old lady – she’s currently working on the LondonMum Album ha. Hope you’re ok & the countdown’s going well? Onwards, upwards & positively outwards LondonMum. “O” ?

  6. I can feel the excitement in your post! It’s amazing how much technology has progressed over the years. Your baby looks so cute already!

  7. The clothing is adorable and that baby even more so! I hope you aren’t suffering too badly with the gestational diabetes. x

    • I’m getting used to it now. The hardest part is walking into a starbucks or any eatery and seeing all the amazing things I want to eat but can’t lol. But I should be healthier in theory by eating the way I am 🙂

  8. Wow the scan is a great way to see your latest addition to the family. I love the outfits you picked out they will look great on her x

  9. I love the 3D scans I never actually got one but I wish I had ???? It’s so exciting for you wishing you a quick and speedy labour X

    • They do a great sale. I didn’t buy any clothes for myself because it’s just too depressing still lol

  10. Oh, she’s such a cutie. Our little girl has a similar grumpy face expression when we last saw her.
    The midwife I go to for a scan must have one very modern scan, because she always checks the baby growth and snaps at least one 3D shot for me to take home.

    • Really? We definitely don’t get that on the NHS! lol. 3D or 4D we have to pay for and go to a private clinic. I’d love to have seen her progressions from the first few scans in 3D

  11. Wow, awesome post! Definitely some great 3d scan pictures, amazing how far technology has come. Also love the adorable outfits, thanks for sharing!

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