Nail Girls, London

At one of the events I went to recently I was lucky enough to get treated to a nice manicure from the girls at Nail Girls, London.  I had never heard of them before, but now I’ve seen the quality and range of the varnishes I know I’ll certainly want to use their services again.


What makes this particular brand even more enticing is the fact the nail varnishes are free from any harmful chemicals.  So completely safe for those extra cautious mothers to be that worry about fumes.  Plus there’s something nice knowing you aren’t slathering on products that are damaging.


The products aren’t tested on animals either and are suitable for vegans and the packaging is recyclable.  So a pretty green brand as far as it goes!


I can also vouch for the fact that the nail varnish does last.  I’m certainly one for nail chipping, but my nails still  look like they’ve undergone a gel manicure the paint is so smooth and fresh looking.


Plus with the amount of time I’m currently sat in the bath with an aching back because of this pregnancy I’d expect chipping/flaking to have occured.  But it hasn’t… proof is always in the pudding!

Visit Nail Girls, London at their spa in Islington.

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