Travel Fever 2

Third Stop: Brazil

IPhone 180

Once a year I like to go on a proper travelling trip (backpacking) to a destination where I can really get back to travelling.  Because of work commitments I can’t waltz off for half a year to a year, so I try to pack as much as I can into just over two weeks.  For me it’s all about visiting a country on a budget and trying to do as much as possible.  In March 2013 a friend and I flew to Brazil to experience life Brazil side!

We started off in an area called Buzios, a location known as the St Tropez of Brazil.  After the long flight from the UK we thought it would be nice to spend a few days unwinding before really hitting the country hard, although still on a budget we stayed at a hostel on the beach front.  We lazed our days away, getting out onto the sea with some paddle boarding and perusing the vast quantity of shops.  One thing we did learn is that the St Tropez of brazil is expensive for a backpacker!

Brazil Waterproof 015

Next stop was the Amazon Rainforest where we got to see the rare pink dolphins and experience the sights and sounds of the Jungle.

Brazil Waterproof 138

Brazil Waterproof 056

Brazil Waterproof 067

After the amazing experience we had in the Amazon, we headed to the Iguazu Falls.  Starting with the Brazilian side…

Brazil Waterproof 207

…and finishing on the Argentinian side.

Brazil Waterproof 322

Before embarking on our last part of our trip… Rio!

Not only did we enjoy the typical tourist sights, we also partied with the rest of our hostel at the Lapa street party, we enjoyed both Ipanema and Copacabana beaches and we also visited a Favela.

Brazil 2 263

Brazil 2 300

Brazil Waterproof 374

(I put a hat over Amy’s face to hide her identity…)

Brazil Waterproof 448

Brazil Waterproof 472

IPhone 185

(The Lapa street party)

All in all Brazil was amazing, so much to see and do and experience.  I’ve only brushed the surface here because of that reason.

On returning back to the UK it wasn’t long before the little one was conceived.  A couple of weeks really.  But I had one last trip to enjoy before I packed away my passport for the rest of this year…

Fourth Stop: New York

Brazil Waterproof 664

New York had been planned for ages with the girls.  It was going to be a long weekend of girly frivolities which in my head included cocktails and partying.  I happened to be about 3 months pregnant at this point however so instead the trip became a sightseeing holiday, with lots of shopping and good food.  Oh New York you didn’t disappoint!

Brazil Waterproof 653

Brazil Waterproof 655

Brazil Waterproof 706

Brazil Waterproof 704

(Again just hat hiding my friends face!)

Brazil Waterproof 729

Brazil Waterproof 657

Brazil Waterproof 792

So here I am desperate to go on holiday but at the same time I’m not.  I honestly think if I went away now I’d be panicking over every little thing imagining there’s something wrong with the baby, I felt like that in New York and he was just a tiny little speck!  So for this year my past travelling tales will just have to do.  To be honest, the upcoming birth gives me the same sort of rush and excitement so I don’t feel like I’m missing out too much.

I wonder how the next year will affect me.  I have such a passion for travelling, but I don’t think a baby would be suitable for majority of the places I have on my to-do list.  Good thing he already has supportive Grandparents ;)

A weekend away from him for a friend’s wedding is already planned for next June.  (No children allowed).  So that’ll be my testing ground as to how I’ll cope while also looking at the places abroad and seeing them through the eyes of a Mother and whether they’d be suitable for my little one.

One thought on “Travel Fever 2

  1. I LOVE New York but haven’t been since I had children. My youngest is three now so hopefully in a couple of years we can go as a family although the cost of plane tickets alone for a family of five is pretty steep! I wish we had travelled more when our eldest was a baby but at the time my husband was setting up his own business so we weren’t able to take the time out. X

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