Travel Fever

By nature I’m a keen traveller.  I absolutely love travelling and exploring new places.  Being pregnant is hindering me on that front as I know there are limits as to when you have to stop flying, but also I know if I flew somewhere and I started to worry it just wouldn’t be ideal.  So I have travelling cabin fever.

So I thought I’d reminisce over the places I have been to this year.  Pre and post pregnancy.

First Stop: U.A.E

IPhone 078

Going to the United Arab Emirates was a last-minute decision in January 2013.  A friend and I decided we were in need of some sunshine and a break from work so we booked ourselves a last-minute deal.  We thought we were going to Dubai.  It didn’t quite go as planned.  Yes we flew into Dubai, but for some reason we both thought Dubai was a country (both of us are university educated so it was a bit worrying really).  When we got into the taxi at the airport and gave the driver our destination he asked us why we weren’t staying in Dubai… we finally figured it out.  Dubai isn’t a country, it’s a state and we flew into it only to drive two hours out of it away from the night life to an area called Fujairah.

So our plans of meeting up with friends that lived in Dubai and going out sort of went t*ts up! No worries though we decided maybe it was a sign that we really just needed chill out time!  So we sunbathed, played in the sea and ate and drunk everything in sight!

IPhone 065

IPhone 069

IPhone 083

Also the fact it was heavily snowing in London meant we chose a great week to be away, snow in London just isn’t nice.  It turns slushy and horrible really quickly.  We didn’t miss it completely though…

IPhone 118a

(My other half picking me up from the airport at stupid o clock in the morning.  Luckily it was a very early morning flight as all flights past midday were grounded).

Second Stop: Finland

Brazil 2 109

It’s been an ambition of mine for as long as I can remember to see the Northern Lights so I went on a long weekend break with my sister to Finland to try to catch a glimpse of those pesky lights.  Easier said then done. Apparently the day before we arrived there was a spectacular showing, but every night we were there the lights didn’t come out to play.  Oh well, it’s an excuse to return to the Northern territories when the little one is old enough to try to see them.  I loved Finland.  Real proper snow (as opposed to London snow), amazing activities and I’d go back in a shot right now if I could!

Brazil 2 032

Brazil 2 075

Brazil 2 088

Brazil 2 124

IPhone 170

As both these destinations were trips earlier on in the year, the little one hadn’t yet been conceived,  I have one more holiday to share with you and then conception happened about 2 weeks after returning, and my fourth jaunt away I was three months pregnant.. but I’ll share these with you tomorrow!

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