1950’s Fashion #FashionFriday

I had quite a lot of emails from people asking me where my outfit for Secret Cinema came from, so I thought I’d make this #FashionFriday all about what I wore.

I love dressing up, and sourcing the clothes is just as much part of the fun as the event itself.  One thing that is important to me though is trying to buy things I’ll wear again.

So if you missed my post, here’s what I wore:



My shirt is one I wear quite frequently and is a Boden number that was sent to me from the company a while back.  The shirt itself is a great piece to have in your wardrobe, it’s brilliant for those hot summer days, but it’s still smart and it works as the weather gets cooler just by layering a cardigan or a jumper over it.  Fab shirt!

The skirt is one I bought from boohoo and is made of quite a thick material (it’s not luxurious fabric so it’s actually quite a casual item).  Circle skirts were all the rage in the 1950’s and although this one has a petticoat added underneath it for the event it actually falls quite nicely around my calves when I’m not wearing the petticoat.  I’m going to wear it in the Autumn with a Breton long sleeve top and some flat ballet shoes.

My bag, socks and shoes are all Primark specials.  The bag is on sale at £3.00 at the moment, the trainers (my converse are in storage due to the move so I had to buy shoes especially for the event which was annoying) I got for £2.00 as there were some rather dodgy looking marks on them although they are priced at £4.00 when not discounted – so not exactly expensive.  And the socks I guess were just a couple of ££’s too.


The head scarf which I was going to use around my neck (but it looked better on my head because of the shirt collar), was an Etsy special.  I bought it beause I don’t own a nice headscarf and thought it would be a good thing to have for when I fancy putting my hair up in a beehive and keeping the rest of my outfit casual.  I loved the print as it wasn’t garish but had a great pattern and used fab colours.  Most the time when I’ve tried to use silk feeling headscarves they’ve slipped off my head, but the seamstress who made this particular head scarf has stitched a little something mid way to prevent movement so once it was on my head it stayed all evening!

And that my friends is my 1950’s outfit in words.  No doubt you’ll see all these pieces again used in different ways at some point in the future.

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    • I’ll definitely do one, when I’ve moved house I’ll do it as a vlog for you. Mines quite slap dash 😉


  1. Love that you nailed such an iconic look with pieces that you can find easily in the highstreet/online.

  2. Love that you nailed such an iconic look with pieces you can easily buy on the highstreet/online!

  3. I agree, amazing you found all these stunning pieces on the high street, you look stunning! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday x

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